Posted by: rocketbride | November 9, 2013

write more; feel better.

I am starting to realize something important, which is that when I stop taking the time to note down the details of my life, the colour bleeds away quickly. I have been deluding myself that it is more important to keep a clean house, or make sure my marking is up to date when neither of those things help me feel good about the life that I’m living. It’s not that I don’t want to be good at keeping house or teaching, but I also need to write in the middle of these things so that I remember why I made this particular life.

Today we were supposed to go to the Royal, but we stayed home on account of mounting credit card debt. This summer was brutal, from vacation to new bathroom, and my constant low-grade anxiety about money certainly isn’t making my spirits rise. Mason skipped Cask Days last month, so we’re all making sacrifices.

Fortunately our kids are kind of ditzy and couldn’t care less about outings. Blake was the only one who remembered that we were supposed to go out and have fun today, and he was just as happy to spend most of the day hanging around the house. Maggie & Sage never knew. It was only me and Mason who cared about skipping the giant vegetables and the fleece auction.

Oh well. We’re both working and in good health; I’m sure this austerity will be temporary and we’ll be back to spending like drunken Irish poets in no time. And until then, there are plenty of cheap and free things in the run up to Christmas. We’ll keep the kids occupied.

Tomorrow, for example, is the Remembrance Day parade with Scouts and all the local veterans. The first time we went out, Sage was as old as Maggie is now. No doubt she’ll be able to maintain a respectful silence throughout the ceremony. Or, as she did last week in church, she’ll pick a sombre moment to scream, “no kisses!!” as she struggles out of my arms. One or the other.


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