Posted by: rocketbride | November 26, 2013


On Sunday we celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday. It was kind of a big deal: she wanted a party, but a low-pressure one, so she wouldn’t get too anxious about people showing up. (Sounds like nobody I know.) I got a lot of credit, as I wrote and sent out the invitations, but my main role was just helping to plan it and offering support. My mom may be insecure, but she knows a lot of people, and she’s of the generations that loves to get together in person, so that definitely worked in her favour.

We had all three kids for the party, so it’s just as well that I didn’t have a larger role. Most of my energy on the weekends when we have all the kids is spent transitioning them into and out of various activities. Dressing them for outside is particularly exhausting, and I usually start ten minutes before I want to leave. It’s the biggest problem of my insane overlapping custody schedules: not the confusion but the constant novelty. When I have only one kid, I get lonely. When I have all three I feel like I’m wading through mud.

Fortunately, parties at my parents are great for the too-many-kid problem. There are so few other kids and so many loving adults that I can release my responsibilities as soon as I clear the threshold. Amazing.

I had a good time today, moving between small pockets of people. My own birthdays have yet to generate this kind of excitement, so it was nice to bathe in the reflected glow. Also, I got her an excellent necklace, discounted because I threw a facial/jewelry houseparty earlier this month.

Sometimes I make my life out to be terribly hard, but it can’t be all that bad when I get to write sentences like that.


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