Posted by: rocketbride | November 30, 2013

“old school” and “blog” are mutually exclusive

I can’t believe I’m going back to ye olde text file. This year I decided to just type directly into WordPress and thus publish faster. That…didn’t really work. And now my internet is out, so it’s back to a computer that’s just itself. Hard to believe that I learned most of what I know about computers in the days when you had to consciously connect to the internet, when they were all just themselves. I still have hard disks rattling away in the house, even though I don’t even have a computer that will accept them. Memories.

I’ve been in a weird mood today; but perhaps no weirder than usual. I saw a guy who looked like the Lawyer, but the young version I first met in res. The voice was wrong, and of course he didn’t have the crazy sense of humour (from what I could tell from afar); still, I was probably staring too much. Nothing less classy than a girl in her late thirties staring at a young guy. Beside, if there’s a younger Lawyer running around, there must be a younger, thinner, funner version of me somewhere, out late dancing and laughing. Perhaps she doesn’t have hard disks, but she’s out there, having too much to drink and falling asleep in couches in the chaste embrace of boys who would never kiss her if they were sober.


I spent most of the day with Scherezade, Blake & Maggie, trying to chase down a Christmas present in the downtown. It was insanely, impossibly difficult to get anywhere: not only was I shepherding Maggie Won’t Ride in the Stroller Because She Wants to Stop and Touch Everything, not only was it windy and freezing by turns, but the two main streetcar routes along my way were ripped up. Funtastic. We ended up cabbing it both ways, which was ultimately no more expensive than the four of us riding the Rocket but much more nerve-wracking with Maggie riding in my lap.

Fortunately, Scherezade is a trooper. I definitely couldn’t have handled the kids without her. She didn’t bat an eye at all the crap we had to wade through, and she even said it was “fun” when we parted. Whattagirl.



  1. […] barely begun to shop for Christmas, and I’ve already had my secrets exposed. When I went into the city on Saturday to visit Scherezade, I was really going to snag a limited edition beer that was released in the […]

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