Posted by: rocketbride | January 1, 2014

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here comes 2014!

here comes 2014!

Having a mellow New Year’s Day, now that my eldest is back from his dad’s with suspiciously few pairs of pants and the youngest is taking fussy to previously undreamt-of heights. I’m less hungover and more exhausted, spending as much time as possible sitting quietly and not even feeling guilty about it. Tomorrow I return to the marking grind (7 down! the horror!) but today is just for eating good food and letting 2013 drift away like a bad smell.


Speaking of bad smells, last night’s party was marked by the arrival of a seriously potent weed-smell, which caused Zub to race all over the house trying to find the source. A few of us tagged along, delighted in our new roles as smell detectives, and laughing every time we got to demand answers for the perennial question, ‘where is that smell coming from?’ Childishly delightful.

The party wasn’t all smells, though. Mason & I dressed up, which is a wonderful thing to do on New Year’s even if you’re going to be in a house all night. Stacy, of course, emerged dressed more finely than we could possibly imagine, and a small group of her fellow Lolitas came by the party to drink Hello Kitty wine and raise the dress standards even further. I had intended to wear my latest wedding dress, but couldn’t find it (goddamn it!!) so settled on my pink dress, striped stockings and big Persian-y necklace. It was good enough. I mean, I wasn’t wearing a crown, but it was good enough.

We had a pretty great time, all in. We dropped Maggie at my parents before dinner, and managed to get a table at the elusive Grand Electric for our first taste of their famous tacos. I was prepared not to like the place – if I wanted loud music and small spaces I’d take my food to the Dance Cave – but I did, of course. The fish taco was a revelation, so stunning that I couldn’t bring myself to order it again because I’m just not wired for that amount of sublimity. I’d just fall asleep under the table, clutching a picture of my kids or something.

So by the time we rolled into the Haus, we were already having a good night with our fancy clothes and our fancy taco memories. Spending hours chatting with Andrew, Death, Stacy & various other new faces was the perfect frenetic way to kiss off the old year and make warm fuzzy feelings about the potential for this coming year. At the very least, the static from all the smiling introverts rubbing together will keep me positively charged until I have to go back to work.


And just in case you haven’t heard the incredibly catchy new TMBG album, here’s the song that’s consuming our house:


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