Posted by: rocketbride | May 3, 2014

hanging out

There’s a lot I don’t like about joint custody, but one of the benefits is that once in awhile, I get a weekend to hangout with one husband and one kid. As Andrea once said, when you have two, having one is like having none. In any case, it means that I don’t really need regular time away from all of my kids at the same time, because these weekends always feel like a holiday.

Today was just so laid-back. I got to sleep in, which has been a major challenge lately, as perennial gutrot has moved back into my life in the wee hours, keeping me up far earlier than I like. When I finally emerged from my cocoon, we all tumbled into the car for a run to the market in a fruitless search of leeks. It’s just as well everything is late this year; gives us more time to prepare I suppose. I spent most of my time in the playground with Maggie, who is sure what she wants to do and is willing to boss me around until I make it happen. We had to take a few breaks for cookie & swing occupation, but we played more freely than we have since winter began. It wasn’t sunny but it was mild, and lately that’s enough.

After brunch at Caplansky’s we shifted over to She Said Boom for another crack at finding some course materials. Funding has been uncertain, so I’m starting to buy a set of teacher books with my own money. Haven’t had to do this since Hogsboro High and I don’t like it. But I do like new books, and I was able to grab two for the program (Midaq Alley and Me Talk Pretty One Day), plus two that looked good (Anvil: the story of Anvil and something by Marquez I’ve never heard of), and one for a good toddler who didn’t wreck any displays (Olivia Loses a Toy).

We went home, put the baby to bed, and slowly did chores until it was time for Date Afternoon: a Saturday showing of Winter Soldier, a movie that has been raved about no end. I kind of wish I hadn’t gotten the impression that it was the Citizen Kane of superhero movies because, although it was very good, I was let down by the fact that it wasn’t the best movie of all time. (Don’t worry Thor, you’re still my girl.) Also, I’ve been watching Scott Pilgrim with my class and nothing tops Chris Evans’ performance as Lucas Lee for sheer action comedy.

Sometimes I let him do the long shots when I feel like getting blazed in my winnie.– lucas lee

I have something like a half-hour before my bedtime, and I think I’m going to spend it reading a book quietly. Very exciting.


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