Posted by: rocketbride | July 16, 2014

wonder women

Earlier this summer I finished Grant Morrison’s hymn to himself, Supergods. It was actually interesting in the parts that predate the author, and one of the things I learned about was Wonder Woman, created by a bondage-loving psychologist who dared to ask the question: what if an awesome lady fell in love with an unconscious dumb prettyboy? Unlike most of these stories, the answer is that it would be fantastic.

I bought a collection of her first appearances at the Beguiling, meticulously ordered and blessedly free of all but a tiny non-apology for all of the racist caricatures. Wonder Woman fights Nazi stereotypes, Mexican stereotypes, and Japanese stereotypes with equal vigour. And although I am in love with Wonder Woman from her star-spangled culottes to her bullet-deflecting bracelets, my heart belongs to her sidekick Etta Candy. (And I’m not alone.)

Etta is a fat, boy crazy co-ed who’s never too busy to come to Wonder Woman’s rescue. She leads a band of sassy, energetic co-eds who never question why WW would need them to hide in refrigerators or dive after emerging Nazi sailors or play band music in a parade against an evil milk corporation. She loves dudes, adventure and her girlfriends; she refuses to go anywhere without her box of candy; and she takes zero shit from WW about her weight.

And who among us hasn’t wrestled with the choice between swimming after villains and holding onto chocolate? Etta, God bless her, has the guts to say fuck it, why can’t I do both?

she’s so great!


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