Posted by: rocketbride | August 10, 2014

i’ve kissed a girl, not that it’s relevant

Now that I’m sliding grimly into early middle age, it’s probably redundant to say that my birthdays tend to be “quiet.” Some years I’m braver than others; this was not a brave year, and so I spent the day quietly, with as many of my family as were available. We started at the local farmer’s market, which we almost always miss thanks to the siren song of Toronto markets, thus making it a treat to stay closer to home and run into people we know from elsewhere. I avoided the baked treats and bought lots of fresh fruit, a pleasure particular to this season and one I can explore (relatively) guilt-free even on the diet. I also told Blake to buy me a sheep’s milk soap moulded to look like a sheep, which fulfilled his obligations for the day. Hey, the kid needs help with these things. He comes by it honestly.

When we were tired of sunshine and produce and happy people, we met up with the rest of my family (and my dad’s brother) at a local diner. We’ve eaten there for my birthday before, but the big attraction this time was that they will poach an egg for me. Since I’ve been poaching 1-3 eggs for everyone’s breakfast every day over the last few weeks, this is a big deal.

Blake was cranky while we were there, refusing to play along and imagine what his life would be like when he was 38. My mom was much more pliant, noting that she was still in nursing school with a bunch of 20 year olds. My dad came up blank until he remembered building a fence. My uncle was having surgeries. So…I have a lot to look forward to? I guess?

We are toilet training Maggie this month, so our meal was periodically interrupted for trips to the bathroom. She managed to successfully use the bathroom three times while we were there, which somewhat balances out all the times she peed on the sand when we were at the beach in the afternoon. (What is the protocol when your kid pees on the sand in a public beach? Is there a cleanup? Do you just kick sand over the spot? Do you stand guard and warn others away?)

As mentioned above, we spent the afternoon at the beach, where I was able to play with my new camera (thanks, Mason!!) to my heart’s content. We picked a spot in the shade which happened to be in the middle of a church picnic, and within the hour we had been adopted and ordered to fill our plates with chicken, corn and salad. We were the only white faces and it was such a blessing to be reminded of how generous and beautiful the world is, especially when Blake’s bike was stolen on Tuesday from a local park.

When we weren’t eating, Blake wallowed in the sand and Maggie ran around in the water without stopping while we ran behind her. My only regret is that I didn’t have much of a chance to swim deeper while I was splashing around with the little one. Even so, it was a heck of a birthday for a girl whose latest ambition is to first lose a tonne of weight and then get an elaborate knitting mermaid tattoo on her thigh.

how i spent my 38th birthday

how i spent my 38th birthday


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