Posted by: rocketbride | December 21, 2014

the darkness and the light

Today I got lost on my 5k run and ended up doing more than 6.

Today I turned down a free hot dog after church because I wasn’t sad enough to think it was worth it.

Today I decided to take another shot at this doomed yarn ball wreath project that has been in the works for years.

Today two teenagers mistook me for staff at Bed Bath and Beyond because I was still wearing a blouse.

Today we took Maggie and Blake to the Kensington Market Festival of Light. Blake, who has been a stalwart participant in the past, complained the whole time. Maggie, at the first festival she can remember, danced and laughed. I held candles and tried to open myself to the joy of welcoming the sun.

Today I’m pretty sure I had a conversation with Molly Johnson at She Said Boom.

I am ready for the light to return.


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