Posted by: rocketbride | May 27, 2015

why i am back in my classroom today

Picketing yesterday was stressful. It was blindingly hot for one thing, and people had lost interest in helping to block incoming cars, which meant that I was involved in this for the first time. Mason took great pride in his timing and small talk abilities, so for three weeks I have mostly left him to it. I spent almost 2 hours in a cloud of exhaust, finding common ground with people visiting the Central Office, trying vainly to get other people to help maintain the line. I went home hot and exhausted, rehearsing the conversation I wanted to have with the captains about gently encouraging more people to help out. I know we were demoralized after the legislation was tabled on Monday, but I still thought we could dig deep.

I was at a massage – my first in two years – when the OLRB ruling came down. Then I was trying to extract Maggie from the fabulous backyard, which boasted kids, a tire swing, and watermelon. I only found out when I got home, where it settled into the sick feeling I’ve been carrying around all week. My status update was a string of profanities. When the kids were in bed, Mason & I resorted to extreme measures: splitting a bag of chips with dip while watching “Call the Midwife.” I tossed and turned most of the night and dreamed of my classroom.

The most steadying thing today was that my highschool friend Melissa reached out to me and asked for an explanation. I had to read (some of) the legal decision to get there, but I think I know why our strike was deemed illegal. It doesn’t help with the sick feeling. It doesn’t help when I look at a topsy turvy calendar with big decisions from the board promised in days rather than hours, and the impossibility of planning with this as the background. But it does confirm one thing: despite the strike and the Johnny Rotten feeling of being cheated, reading the decision makes me glad that I didn’t listen to my mother and become a lawyer instead of a teacher.


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