Posted by: rocketbride | January 2, 2016


One of my biggest problems in Getting Some Writing Done is that I have a hard time keeping a schedule. I mean, I have a bedtime, eating times and so forth. My kids have some routines. But my evenings tend to be a mixed up improvisation, built around dinner and which kid has what activity. I am taking a 1/2 marathon class for the second time, which means that I should be exercising 5 times a week, which I don’t but I always feel guilty about, so I often try to schedule it at least. And I have to slot in Weight Watchers; once I got to my goal weight, I found out how quickly I lost focus without weekly meetings. That’s another night.

I always put writing on the back burner. Tonight I watched Jessica Jones instead of writing. I think I had legit reasons (I wanted to sit next to Mason for an hour, being the chief one). Anyway, that means you get a list instead of a complete thought.

Good things I have accomplished today

  1. Although I am very far behind the marking I had planned to complete this break, I now realize that 17 days of marking was a bit unrealistic. Today I finished a class set of tests, which means that I can probably grind out another set of marked tests tomorrow, and then draw up a marking plan for the work week.
  2. I made a list with Maggie of foods she would like to take as snacks. Granted, some were a bit fanciful, but this beats putting the question to her when we’re 5 minutes late and she’s full from breakfast.
  3. I took a bunch of Blake’s stuff out of a big cardboard box and put it in a plastic tote. Yesterday I took out the (too small) clothes in that box and got them ready for donation. Having one less cardboard box in Blake’s room, more than half a year after we switched his bedroom, is still a good thing.
  4. I took Maggie on a sled ride to the park, where we looked for animal tracks. We found traces of the elusive squirrel. I will starve after the zombie apocalypse.
  5. Mason, Maggie & I braved the crowds at the supermarket to buy a few groceries with only the cash in the house (i.e. not a lot). I was planning to be a super saver and put the 2.35 back in a jar, but we gave it to a guy at the highway exit instead.
  6. This is not an accomplishment, but I was happy to notice the snow smells this morning. I know I will be tired of the cold eventually but right now I am refreshed.
  7. I made muffins with Maggie, substituting beets for carrots. (We have a lot of beets right now.) The batter was pleasingly pink, and the muffins are not too beety. A success.

And now, to bed.


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