Posted by: rocketbride | January 3, 2016

which one do you want first?

Today I got your basic good news/bad news moment. I was sitting down to mark a second batch of poetry tests (I have two classes in the same course, hurray) when I realized that I was holding a folder of novel tests. The very same novel tests I had tried to find at the beginning of the break, the tests that should be returned tomorrow. My momentary elation at finding them was quickly surpassed by the realization that now I would have to mark the damn things…and find the second set of peotry tests. Oh boy.

Last month I realized that I was having a lot of headaches, and that they were often accompanied or perhaps triggered by intense tooth pain. I have surfed through my life without a cavity, but have often been told that there are a few spots between my teeth that are ready to corrode, though they seem to be maintaining the peace whenever we checked. I made a dentist appointment, convinced that my number had come up. My dread was made worse by the fact that I had stopped making regular appointments for myself & the family when Maggie went though her own tooth drama last spring. I was seeing a dentist every few months, but not in the right way. Not in a way that mattered to me and my constantly sore jaw.

My appointment was on the first Monday of the break, and despite a new set of x-rays and a horribly thorough scraping that left me aching until the next day, the final verdict was that nothing really was wrong. I was sent home with some toothpaste for sensitive poetic types like myself and told that my gums may be extra tender because I have never been studious about flossing.

Since then, I have only missed 2 days with the floss. I’m learning. The good news is that you don’t need a root canal. The bad news is that you have to floss, ya big baby.


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