Posted by: rocketbride | January 12, 2016

tiny sorrows

“He took it all too far, but boy, could he play guitar.”

I’ve been trying to avoid the Bowie coverage, because I heard the news when I was waiting in the Emergency Room, and many times thereafter. Oh, don’t worry, everyone is fine. Mason has a bad flu/cold and his asthma meds stopped working so we took him to the hospital in case he needed an x-ray or something. He wants to go back to work tomorrow due to extreme boredom. I, on the other hand, would love nothing more than a few sick days so that I could ship away at more of this marking that dogs my steps. I haven’t been very sick myself, but I’m doing more than my lazy self is used to, which means I spend less time caring for myself and more time staring at YouTube videos in a stupor in between bouts of laundry. I’m in a bit of a spiral. A mild one, though.

The other sounds-dramatic-but-isn’t-really thing is that my glasses broke just as I was putting them on my face this morning. It’s not like the morning lacks obstacles without my seeing machine disintegrating at the first possible moment.

I wore my backup glasses. They pinch my ears. The end.


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