Posted by: rocketbride | January 17, 2016

should auld acquaintance with the PBJ be forgot

My final tally for the weekend is 13 essays and 22 folios. I have 2 more folios in the class set, but I am under the delusion that I can finish those in the morning over a cup of tea before I leave the house. This fantasy is powered by the fact that my kids are at my parents, and it’s not even because I’m going feral from too many hours spent on the couch with a mechanical pencil: they have a day off tomorrow, so they are sleeping over and then going swimming.

I, on the other hand, am hunched over plastic containers eating cold chicken, then rooting around the fridge for a raw vegetable for a few vitamins. It’s…pretty sad.


I took a break in the late afternoon to take Maggie out of the house. Mason likes to cook for several hours straight, so instead of letting Netflix babysit her while I pegged away at my STUPID STUPID MARKING, I took her to the mall to walk around and look at some clothes that I may even buy when I no longer feel guilty for taking 20 minutes away from the marking to unload the dishwasher. Anyway.


the PBJ in B&W on my 1stWD

She is a little obsessed with bags and purses and backpacks, and today she decided to load up The Pink Bag of Justice with a variety of plastic foods. I have a bad habit of never cleaning out my old purses, so until relatively recently this bag was still full of things like a cigar butt Poet had smoked at the ’97 Fireball and the napkin in which the Boy & I had written out our prenup so that he could take the Bobby Orr picture (which he did indeed take. I have no idea why he would want to pack a picture of a hockey legend and the woman he was leaving, but he did).


oh my God, I’m so fucking young.

I threw away a lot of stuff that day. Gross, old, smelly, sentimental stuff. All of those adjectives are redundant.

I am totally charmed that she wants to use this bag. It was a gift from an 11 year old during the single summer I was a camp counsellor, and it was my faithful companion through many a dark and sketchy dance club (it was also the reason I attracted notice from a strange woman in the middle of the night.)

Plus, she gets bored with carrying the damn thing quickly, so I get to wear it most of the time anyway. Next time she wants to take it out, I’m going to insist on packing Jayna & Max, for old time’s sake.


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