Posted by: rocketbride | August 9, 2017

Things I Loved About Seeing the Dark Tower Movie yesterday

  1. All of the in-world references, starting immediately from Tet Productions, the logo of which was a Turtle and Rose.
  2. Idris Elba as the Gunslinger. There were a few bad notes in the script, but I totally bought him as the ancient, wise knight.
  3. Matthew McCaunnehey as The Man in Black. I’ve never found that guy handsome, but his slick storytelling and waxy, lizardy looks were perfect for this.
  4. The focussed on the most important relationship: Jake Chambers
  5. Watching Idris Elba reload his gun and shoot things and then reload again. Before I went I watched the trailer three times in a row and I think it made me pregnant.
  6. The fact that the moments from the trailer were just as cool in the larger context
  7. The fact that it’s a sequel to the stories!! No more brilliant answer could have been made to the many many diversions and weaknesses when compared to the original series. Best explanation since “a wizard did it.”

The whole movie watching experience was an interesting departure from my normal MO. Mason had tickets to a fancy beer event, so we went in together and I met Dirk at the theatre. Scherezade joined us for dinner, and then she and I wandered the streets of Toronto eating desserts and discussing the untimely passing of Pixie. It was like the old days, if we had good taste in the old days and sense enough to visit the best ice cream shops and Italian bakeries instead of settling for what was local. We pursued three perfect desserts: hand-made ice cream (passion fruit raspberry tart), Italian cookies – the good kind, not the kind my family always buys (chocolate amaretti), and finishing up with what bills itself as the best Sicilian cannoli in Toronto. We split that last one. Even queens like us have a limit.


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