Current Cast ~ Blake through the months


The first thing one notices about Aleta is the knitting, always the knitting. She doesn’t mean to beetle her own bailey, but she has accomplished many diverse things in her short life (perhaps too diverse?). She is a prize winning poet, a published knitwear designer (yes, little bellydance things, too!), and the organizer of a local knitting pub night. She is a mediocre singer despite a lifetime of choirs, a mediocre instrumentalist despite years of piano, flute, drum and guitar lessons, and yet she was somehow in charge of the Children’s Choir at her church for two years. She lives with her astoundingly articulate young son, her wonderful foodie/litnerd/crafty husband, her sweet little baby girl & occasionally with her red-headed stepson.

She has been learning ATS bellydance since January of 2008, although her troupe Shavora refuses to be bound by ATS rules and refers to itself as ITS. She has a few tattoos, the most recent of which is a lot bigger than anyone expects it to be. She teaches English in a local high school, where she refuses to discuss her tattoos or her dancing with her students. She goes to too many mid-week rock concerts for someone of her advanced age and station. She won’t talk about that to the kids, either.

She used to spend a fair amount of time dancing in poorly-lit clubs whilst wearing dark velvet and a lot of eyeliner, activities she discussed when she established an online journal in 1997 (when these things were much less commonplace). This journal was and is and shall be for evermore hosted on her ex-ex-brother-in-law’s website, with help from WordPress. Sometimes she even updates it!

Inspired by her son, she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up.

Her other favourite things include: vintage-inspired dresses and shoes, making her own accessories, new glorious vinyl on her old crummy stereo, smart online comics, books that are almost too clever by half, babies (her own and other people’s), the sound of new zils, sleeping in tents, sleeping everywhere else, her sexy camera, farmers’ markets, planting vegetables, the way sunlight looks on her livingroom floor, old hymns, late rock concerts (BSS 4evah!), and the boys and girl with which she lives.

happy valentine's day!

april 24

the lady part of the family

More Aleta:

  • ‘Vog on a lacy sock pattern in a real knitting magazine
  • Shavora – a pattern for dance socklets.
  • Maya Fire – a pattern for a lacy zil bag
  • The Sword in the Skein
  • Strongbad
  • Homestar Runner
  • The Cheat



  1. Love the long hair in this photo with Maggie. Is it still long? Looking forward to seeing you soon and having lunch with you.


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