Current Cast

Dude, this diary has been going on a long time, and the cast list just keeps getting smaller. Previous versions can be found here: old Ontario, even older Ontario, the very oldest Ontario, Nova Scotia (link broken for now), and America.

  • Blake Articulate, funny, beautiful, passionate, spacey. Inspires me to be an astronaut when I grow up. The rocketchild launched on December 8, 2003. I never guessed that I could be so helplessly in love with someone who is equally in love with Lego.
  • The Boy My Ex-husband and Blake’s father. Married on August 19, 2000. Divorced in August 2009. He married the new girl in October 2010 and let Blake break the news a year later. Still working through the economy-sized issues our breakup caused, mostly because I get to share my most precious jewel with him. gd = Trevor
  • Destiny She was once merely a highschool friend of Scherezade that I saw at parties; now she’s a successful business owner and a kickawesome hair dresser. My kickawesome hairdresser, thanks very much. Mommy to (Sm)Ella, a licky and lovable Boston Terrier.
  • Dirk Nightshade Dirk’s long battle with mental illness has put tremendous strain on what I thought would be a forever-friendship. I hardly ever see him, and usually cry before and after. Brother to history babe Lucretia Nightshade. gd = Palaver
  • Juuki My troupe leader, the dancer with the most experience and the best frilly costume bits. Her hands are my favourite thing to watch when we dance.
  • Jessamyn A former dancer in my troupe, who scheduled herself right out of the tribe.
  • Keeral A dancer in my troupe. Not to marm her duke, but I think Keeral might be my favourite person in the world to hang with after three hours of dancing, because only she understands how funny some things are when you’re all ziled out.
  • Maeve My first friend in Bat Masterson High, she knows the Nightshades and appreciates wit.
  • Mason First my good friend; after our relationships exploded, my boyfriend; now my second and last husband. Loves good food, vinyl, beautiful yarn, his demon redheaded son Sage, and me. He makes me so happy; I am often awash in gratitude that I have been given such a gift in him.
  • Nic Baby brother, younger by a mere 18 months and heavily involved with straight-edge punk & Brazillian ju-jitsu. A social worker by training and a personal trainer by inclination, Nic moved out of my spare room after nearly 2 years, capping 3 months in Vancouver, a year in Winnipeg & 5 years with my parents with a return to my parents’ basement. He’s equal parts curious cutie pie and insufferable bratling, and seems to be the exact mental age as Blake.
  • Opera Sarah We have mutual friends, but now that we’re on the mommy track together, those run-ins are more frequent. Wife of Leo, mom of Demi & Eleni. Turn-ons include local food & sleeping a whole night through. Turn-offs include Mozart’s Alleluia chorus & dairy.
  • The Black Mariah a.k.a. the Moustache-mobile, Le Moustache, the HMSS Lassitude. Not a paddy-wagon or a rotating film studio; rather, the Mariah is the fifth car to travel under the name HMSS Lassitude. It is the first car I have ever owned and often carries two small boys; consequently the seats are covered in an intractable layer of crumbs & half-used kleenexes. Also, there’s a grey moustache stuck to the dash.
  • Sage Redheaded, four years younger than Blake, fiercely independent and astoundingly musical, Mason’s son is a force to be reckoned with. His amazingly mobile features always remind me of Tenniel engravings; for some reason he looks like an elderly Whig even when he’s howling incoherently for his blankie.
  • Sayward A dancer in my troupe. I see the least of Sayward, ironically because she lives in the city of my dreams and not the city of my house.
  • Scherezade Takes care of me when I need it, tells me when I’m being a drama queen (which is frequently), buys me nice things on my birthday, sends me rude postcards when overseas. Was in Den Haag for three years, then Sierra Leone, where she met her former sweetie. Back in town for a second undergrad; I am constantly astounded at how infrequently we meet. gd = Sister Sunshine
  • Souzan A dancer in my troupe, Souzan is a powerfully geeky mom, which means I have someone to hang with in the WorldCon kiddie korral.
  • Stacy Although we met of our own free will, certain inexorable forces were pushing us together anyway. She currently lives with her comic book hero husband Zub and works for his publishing company doing…something. We still see each other at least half-dozen times in a year. My maid of honour, she did me a powerful honour by heading Team Bride.
  • Teija My favourite English teacher at Bat Masterson, I dyed my hair blue for her wedding following a prophetic dream along these lines. She’s younger than me, cuter than me, more organized than me, a better decision maker than me and better-tempered. Also, she has the World’s Cutest Dog: Uno the Schnoodle. What’s not to love?
  • Zub Stacy’s husband: artist, teacher, thrower of parties. We met in a lineup for They Might Be Giants. He is very nice to me, which I appreciate because otherwise the times I show up would be stalking rather than socializing. The only one who lasted all of “Rock Lobster” when it was time to dance, I recently found out he can be hit up for favours when someone is paying for his sushi.

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