Posted by: rocketbride | October 6, 2012

tiniest audience

I probably have the best baby in the world, in case you were wondering. Today we took her to the Shake and to a Buck & Doe, and she was perfectly charming at both. Whenever I saw her, she was surrounded by admirers, and was a perfect audience for our dancing in the afternoon. I’m very lucky that she’s not a mover like Blake, and that I can sit her down without worrying that she’ll be crawling away in seconds to find trouble. She’s definitely much more portable than he was, although I suspect that he was easily as cute.

maggie takes a seat at the cafe coco.

The buck & doe was fun. I’ve only been to one other event of this type when I was 20, and since I wasn’t blind drunk within an hour I can safely say that this one was an improvement. I had something of a hand in helping to get it off the ground, and though all of my ideas didn’t pan out (like selling booze or doing a dollar dance with Shavora) I was enjoying everything right up until the point that our squawky, overtired baby demanded to go home. And why not? Hadn’t she already proven that she was the very best baby? Why gild the lily?


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